Winter 2018: EECS 101

Additional seats have been added to LEC & LAB for EECS 101.

Winter 2018 4th Year Course Restrictions Lifted

ENGR 190W: All Engineering seniors and ICS:CSE majors may now enroll. Major restrictions will not be lifted further.

Major restrictions have been lifted to ‘All Engineering Majors’ for BME 138, BME 147, BME 195, CBEMS 140B, CBEMS 169, CBEMS 195, EECS 101, EECS 116, EECS 117, EECS 144, EECS 170E, EECS 182, ENGRCEE 111, ENGRCEE 122, ENGRCEE 151B, ENGRCEE 152, ENGRCEE 163, ENGRCEE 165, ENGRCEE 173, ENGRCEE 195, ENGRMAE 114, ENGRMAE 132, ENGRMAE 152, ENGRMAE 158, ENGRMAE 175

See the Current Major Restrictions page for more details.

Winter 2018 ENGR 190W

Seniors with a Grad app on file that has been received for Winter 2018 only, have priority to enroll.

Fall 2017: ENGR 7A

All Major and School restrictions have been lifted from ENGR 7A as of 9/11/17.

Fall 2017: New Only Restriction

New Only Restriction "NOR CAP" has been lifted in the following departments:

CSE (Engineering scheduled courses only)

Fall 2017: CBEMS 125A

Additional seats have been added to CBEMS 125A MOMENTUM TRANSFER.

Fall 2017: CBEMS 154

Additional seats have been added to CBEMS 154 POLYMER SCI & ENGR.

Fall 2017: CEE 195/298

Additional seats have been added in CEE 195/298 (17195 / 17194) GIS FOR CEE.

Fall 2017: CEE 176 LEC

Additional seats have been added in CEE 176 HYDROLOGY.

Fall 2017: MAE 130A Tutorial

An additional tutorial has been added to MAE 130A INTRO FLUID MECHS.

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