Winter 2019: ENGR 190W (major restrictions)

All senior standing students, with the appropriate prerequisites, in an Engineering major will be able to enroll in ENGR 190W beginning today at 7:00pm.

*There are NO adds/drops in ENGR 190W past week 1.
*Lecture and discussion are MANDATORY.

Winter 2019: BME 110B DIS & BME 140 LEC (course conflict)

The course conflict between BME 110B DIS & BME 140 LEC has been resolved.

Winter 2019: MAE 151 (course FULL)

ENGRMAE 151 is currently full, and restricted to ME majors only. However, ENGRMAE 151 will be offered again Spring 2019.

Winter 2019: ENGR 190W (course restrictions)

ENGR 190W is currently restricted to Winter 2019 Graduates, who's application has been "received." Students will need to wait for this restriction to lift in order to enroll. Check back for further updates.

Winter 2019: EECS 170B (course restrictions)

EECS 170B is currently restricted to Electrical Engineering majors only since this major needs to move forward to EECS 170C in Spring 2019. All other majors, please continue to check PLAZA for course updates.

EECS 170B will be offered again in Spring 2019.

Winter 2019: CEE 11 (course conflict - resolved)

CEE 11 has been moved to it's original time, and the conflict has been cleared.

Fall 2018: Major Restrictions

All major restrictions have been lifted.

Fall 2018 NOR Caps

New Only Reserved Seats (NOR Caps) have been lifted.

Fall 2018: MAE 60 & MAE 151

MAE 60 ELECTRIC CIRCUITS and MAE 151 MECH ENGR DESIGN are now open for enrollment.

Fall 2018: ENGRMAE 108 (Major Restriction)

ENGRMAE 108 is now open to both Aerospace Engineering majors, and Mechanical Engineering Majors.

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