Winter 2014 - EngrMSE 256A

The max cap has been increased on EngrMSE 256A.

Winter 2014 - EngrMAE 146

The max cap has been increased on EngrMAE 146.

Winter 2014- EECS 282

EECS 282 has been moved to T/TH 8:00am - 9:20am and discussion TH 9:30am - 10:20am.

Winter 2014 - EngrMAE 112

EngrMAE 112 has been moved to a larger room and the max cap has been increased.

Winter 2014 - EngrCEE 228A

EngrCEE 228A has been moved a half hour up to 3:30pm - 4:50pm and will be held in AIRB 4080.

W14 - ENGR 190W

Section G and G1 (13470 & 13471) are now open to enroll for Winter 2014.

W14 - ENGRMAE 112

Aerospace Engineering majors are required to have this course in order to graduate. Mechanical Engineering majors will temporally not be able to enroll in EngrMAE 112. Once more seats open up AE majors will have a chance to enroll. ME majors will be able to enroll once major restrictions are lifted.

Fall 2013 - BME 220 has been moved

BME 220 has been moved to MWF from 1:00 - 1:50 pm.

FALL 2013 - EECS 129A, EECS 189A & CSE 181A have been rescheduled

EECS 129A, EECS 189A and CSE 181A lecture and discussion have been moved to MW 6:00-6:50pm.

Fall 2013: NOR Caps Removed

NOR caps for all courses except ENGR 7A have now been lifted.

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