Fall 2013- BME 197 more seats added

BME 197--additional seats have been added to this class.

Fall 2013- MAE 130A more seats added

MAE 130A- additional seats have been added to this class.


Unfortunately, the Wind Tunnel Lab is not able to accommodate all of the students that wish to take ENGRMAE 108 in fall quarter. Because Aerospace Engineering majors are required to have this course in order to graduate, we are asking Mechanical Engineering majors to drop the course to make room for the Aerospace majors who need it. You will be contacted by email shortly.

The department is considering adding another offering of ENGRMAE 108 in Spring 2014 which would be open to Mechanical majors.

Students that need a technical elective should consider taking ENGRMAE 195: Computational Fluid Dynamics. Some additional options are being looked at.

Fall 2013- MAE 136 more seats added

MAE 136- additional seats have been added to allow Aerospace Engineering majors to enroll in course.

Fall 2013- MAE 150/ENGR 150 more seats have been added

MAE 150/ENGR 150 more seats have been added to lecture. Additional discussion section created.


ENGRMAE 108 and ENGRMAE 136 both filled without some Aerospace majors needing the course able to enroll due to an error with the major restrictions. We're looking into remedies and should have a solution before the end of the week.

MAE Alternate Fluid-Thermal Sequence

MAE students should note that there is now an alternate fluid-thermal sequence with ENGRMAE 91 in F13, ENGRMAE 130A in W14, ENGRMAE 130B in S14, and ENGRMAE 120 in F14. This sequence does not yet fully work for Aerospace students due to the prerequisites for ENGRMAE 135 (the MAE department is considering options), but it works well for the Mechanical students.

ENGRMAE 130A will have more seats opened soon, but they may be limited to Aerospace majors first, and then remaining seats opened to Mechanical students.

2013-2014 Teaching Plan Now Available

The 2013-2014 Teaching Plan is now available with a number of new courses added due to unexpectedly large number of new freshman and transfer students. Additional courses may yet be added, and updates will be posted here.

Fall 2013- EECS 148/CompSci 132- discussions added

EECS 148/CompSci 132- Two new discussions added. Please enroll in lecture and an open discussion section.

Fall 2013- BME 149 full course

BME 149 is full and will not be expanded.

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