PHYSICS 51A Modern Physics (2017-2018)

PHYSICS 51A Modern Physics

(Required for CpE and EE. Selected Elective for AE, ME and MSE.)
Catalog Data:

PHYSICS 51A Modern Physics (Credit Units: 4) Wave-particle duality; quantum mechanics; special relativity; statistical mechanics. Prerequisite: PHYSICS 7E or PHYSICS 3C and MATH 2D. Non-Physics majors only. Only one course from Physics 61A and Physics 51A. (Design units: 0)

Required Textbook:
. Edition, , 1969, ISBN-13 978-0138057152.

Recommended Textbook:
Relationship to Student Outcomes
No student outcomes specified.
Course Learning Outcomes. Students will:
Prerequisites by Topic
Lecture Topics:
  • Relativity
  • Relativistic Mechanics
  • Atoms
  • Quantization of Light
  • Quantization of Atomic Energy Levels
  • Matter Waves
  • The Schroedinger Equation in One Dimension
  • The Three Dimensional Schroedinger Equation
Class Schedule:

Meets for 3 hours of lecture and 1 hour of discussion each week for 10 weeks.

Computer Usage:
Laboratory Projects:
Professional Component

Contributes toward Mathematics and Basic Science.

Design Content Description
Laboratory Portion:
Grading Criteria:
  • Lecture Participation: 5%
  • Homework: 15%
  • Discussion Problems: 10%
  • Midterm: 30%
  • FInal Exam: 40%
  • Total: 100%
Estimated ABET Category Content:

Mathematics and Basic Science: 0.0 credit units

Computing: 0.0 credit units

Engineering Topics: 0.0 credit units

Engineering Science: 0.0 credit units

Engineering Design: 0.0 credit units

February 22, 2017
Senate Approved:
January 8, 2013
Approved Effective:
2013 Fall Qtr