CHEM 1LB General Chemistry Laboratory (2014-2015)

CHEM 1LB General Chemistry Laboratory

(Required for BME, BMEP, CE, ChE and EnE.)
Catalog Data:

CHEM 1LB General Chemistry Laboratory (Credit Units: 2) Training and experience in basic laboratory techniques. Chemical practice and principles illustrated through experiments related to lecture topics of Chemistry 1A-1B-1C. Corequisite: CHEM 1B. Prerequisite: CHEM 1A with a grade of C- or better. Same as CHEM M2LB. Only one course from CHEM 1LB, CHEM M2LB, CHEM 1LE, CHEM H2LB may be taken for credit. (Design units: 0)

Required Textbook:
Recommended Textbook:

Other source materials required for the course.

Relationship to Student Outcomes
No student outcomes specified.
Course Learning Outcomes. Students will:
Prerequisites by Topic
Lecture Topics:
  • Using Logger Pro and Making Observations
  • Pressure temperature relationship of a Gas
  • Vapor Pressure of Liquids
  • Are Volumes Additive
  • Crystalline Solids
  • Enthalpy of formation of MgO
  • Mass % of ASA
  • Equivalent Weight of an Acid
Class Schedule:

Meets for 4 hours of laboratory each week for 10 weeks.

Computer Usage:
Laboratory Projects:
Professional Component

Contributes toward Mathematics and Basic Science.

Design Content Description
Laboratory Portion:
Grading Criteria:
  • Experiments: 350 pts
  • Electronic Homework: 160 pts
  • Lab Practical: 350 pts
  • Total: 860 pts
Estimated ABET Category Content:

Mathematics and Basic Science: 2.0 credit units

Computing: 0.0 credit units

Engineering Topics: 0.0 credit units

Engineering Science: 0.0 credit units

Engineering Design: 0.0 credit units

April 15, 2014
Senate Approved:
November 5, 2009
Approved Effective:
2010 Winter Qtr