BME 171 Cell and Tissue Engineering Laboratory (2017-2018)

BME 171 Cell and Tissue Engineering Laboratory

(Not required for any major. Selected Elective for BME and BMEP.)
Catalog Data:

BME 171 Cell and Tissue Engineering Laboratory (Credit Units: 4) Techniques in molecular, cellular, and tissue engineering. Topics include bacterial and mammalian cell culture, DNA cloning and gene transfer, fabrication of biomaterial scaffolds, and immunassays and microscopy techniques for cell-based assays. Prerequisite: BME 160. Biomedical Engineering and Biomedical: Premedical Engineering majors have first consideration for enrollment. (Design units: 0)

Required Textbook:
. Edition, , 1969, ISBN-13 978-1118206737.

Recommended Textbook:
Wendy Liu
Relationship to Student Outcomes
No student outcomes specified.
Course Learning Outcomes. Students will:

1. Design and conduct biomedically relevant experiments, as well as to quantitatively analyze and interpret data.

2. Apply experimental techniques and skills to tackle biomedical engineering problems.

3. Understand professional and ethical responsibility specific to health-related fields.

4. Communicate effectively both orally and in writing through group discussions and laboratory reports.

5. Collect data from biomedical systems.

Prerequisites by Topic

Tissue Engineering

Lecture Topics:
  • Bacterial cell culture
  • Recombinant DNA
  • Gene transfer techniques
  • Biomaterial fabrication and characterization
  • Mammalian cell culture
  • Immunoassays
  • Fluorescence microscopy
Class Schedule:

Meets for 1 hour of lecture and 6 hours of laboratory each week for 10 weeks.

Computer Usage:

Word processing, Powerpoint

Laboratory Projects:


Professional Component


Design Content Description
Laboratory Portion:
Grading Criteria:
  • Lab Reports: 60%
  • Discussion/Participation: 40%
  • Total: 100%
Estimated ABET Category Content:

Mathematics and Basic Science: 0.0 credit units

Computing: 0.0 credit units

Engineering Topics: 4.0 credit units

Engineering Science: 4.0 credit units

Engineering Design: 0.0 credit units

February 22, 2017
Senate Approved:
January 12, 2016
Approved Effective:
2016 Fall Qtr