BIO SCI 100 Scientific Writing (2017-2018)

BIO SCI 100 Scientific Writing

(Required for BME.)
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BIO SCI 100 Scientific Writing (Credit Units: 3) Designed to give an overview of the basic aspects of scientific writing relevant to reporting research in the Biological Sciences. Pass/Not Pass only. Prerequisite: BIO SCI 99. Prerequisite or Corequisite: BIO SCI 194S. Biological Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Biomedical Engineering: Premedical majors have first consideration for enrollment. (Design units: 0)

Required Textbook:
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Relationship to Student Outcomes
No student outcomes specified.
Course Learning Outcomes. Students will:
Prerequisites by Topic
Lecture Topics:

1 Locating and Using Biological Literature

2 The Process of Writing

3 The Introduction

4 The Materials and Methods & Experimental Designs

5 The Results Section

6 The Discussion Section

7 Assignment 3

8 Assignment 3 Articles

9 Analyzing Results

10 Other Forms of Science Communication

Class Schedule:

Meets for 1 hour of lecture each week for 10 weeks.

Computer Usage:
Laboratory Projects:
Professional Component
Design Content Description
Laboratory Portion:
Grading Criteria:

Bio100 has the Pass/No Pass Grading Option.
To receive a Passing Grade, you must have 70.0 points at the end of the course.

Estimated ABET Category Content:

Mathematics and Basic Science: 0.0 credit units

Computing: 0.0 credit units

Engineering Topics: 0.0 credit units

Engineering Science: 0.0 credit units

Engineering Design: 0.0 credit units

February 22, 2017
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June 10, 2013
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