Course Learning Outcome Surveys

Course Learning Outcomes identify what students learn and will be able to do by the end of each course. All Engineering undergraduate courses have course learning outcomes. Unlike teaching evaluation which measure the quality of instruction, course learning outcomes measure what students can do.

For each School of Engineering course, students are asked to complete a short survey, very similar to the campus teaching evaluations. In each survey, students are asked to comment on the outcomes themselves. Are they appropriate for the course? Are they articulated clearly? Students are asked to comment on the relationship of the course within the program. Does the course have suitable preparation in the program? These surveys should only take a few moments to complete.

Course learning outcome survey results are summarized for each instructor and for department assessment coordinators. No identifying student information is provided, so the results are anonymous to faculty. Please be honest in your responses. Unlike grades which can vary from course to course, outcomes are designed to be raw measures of how well courses in the school are preparing students for an engineering career. They are key to identifying both broad problems in the curriculum as well as pinpointing specific problems within each course.

Students are free to return and amend their surveys later in the quarter, and email reminders will only be sent to students that have not completed surveys. The surveys currently available for you to complete are listed below:

Course Learning Outcome Surveys for :

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