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Winter 2013: ENGRMAE 60 Full

No larger classroom is available for ENGRMAE 60, so no additional seats can be opened. ME and AE students should enroll in EECS 70A instead.

Winter 2013: Major Restrictions Lifted

Major restrictions for most W13 engineering courses have been lifted. Consult the 'Current Major Restrictions' link to the left to see all courses with remaining restrictions.

ENGR 190W Authorizations

Students that have applied to graduate in Spring 2013 are now authorized to enroll in ENGR 190W. On Dec. 3 all Engineering seniors will be authorized to enroll.

Spring 2012: ENGRMAE 52 Changes

ENGRMAE 52 lecture was moved to MW 5:30-6:50PM. The two labs that occupied those slots were moved to Tu and Th 3:30-5:20PM. A 5th lab was added Wed 3:00-4:50PM, and the maxcap raised. This should accommodate those students that were having trouble enrolling due to the 8AM lab conflicts, and to accommodate the unmet demand.

This change does create some new scheduling conflicts for a handful of students. Please contact Prof. McCarthy in the MAE department for solutions.

Spring 2012: ENGRMAE 91 Opened

A 4th discussion for ENGRMAE 91 has been opened and the maxcap increased.

Spring 2012: ENGRMAE 91

ENGRMAE 91 is currently full. We'll be adding a 4th discussion and opening additional seats shortly. All students that need to take the course will be accomodated.

Spring 2012: ENGRMAE 52

We're aware that ENGRMAE 52 is effectively full, and has prevented some students enrolling due to remaining labs conflicting with EECS 70A. A 5th lab will be added in a few days once we identify a time that works for students.

Spring 2012 Update

ENGRMAE 57 is full and no additional seats are expected to be added. The course will be offered again in Summer 2012.

ENGRMAE 165 major restrictions have been corrected. Mechanical and Aerospace majors should now be able to enroll.

Spring 2012 Enrollment Tips

Students can find the current major restrictions for all Engineering courses at the link in the left sidebar. That page also lists when the restrictions will change. In most cases the courses will open to all students at the fee deadline. Currently all students that have submitted an application to graduate in Spring 2012 which has been received by an academic counselor are authorized to enroll in ENGR 190W. If you cannot enroll, please make sure you have applied to graduate for Spring 2012, ask your counselor to receive your application and to authorize you into the course.

For Spring quarter, students should bring all authorization requests to the Student Affairs office in REC 305.

Fall 2011 Course Learning Outcome Surveys Now Open

Engineering course learning outcomes surveys are once again available. Students are asked to complete a brief survey for each enrolled undergraduate Engineering course. These are similar to teaching evaluations but rather than focus on the quality of instruction, they focus on whether students have met the outcomes determined for each course. Course learning outcome surveys will remain open until January 8, 2012.

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