Fall 20189 NOR Caps

New Only Reserved Seats (NOR Caps) have been lifted.

Fall 2019: EECS 118 Enrollment

Additional seats will be added to EECS 118 at 10:30am.


EECS 159A LEC A and DIS A1 (19680 & 19681) are full; additional seats will NOT be added to this section. Students in CpE, CSE, and EE can enroll in EECS 159A LEC B and DIS B1 (17060 & 17061).

F19: NOR "New Only" restriction

The "New Only" restriction will be lifted for continuing students on September 4, 2019.

F19: MAE 107 LAB

Additional seats have been added to MAE 107 LABS.


EECS 152A is currently FULL. We will be adding seats to the LEC by 9:30AM today, May 23, 2019.

Fall 2019: EECS 119 Enrollment

Additional seats will be added to EECS 119 at 9am.

F19: EECS 119

CpE majors, EECS 119 is currently full; however, the CASA Office is working on adding a 3rd discussion section.

F19: EECS 170E & EECS 160A course conflict RESOLVED

EECS 170E has been moved to TuTh 7:00-8:20pm. This time slot clears the course conflict between EECS 170E and EECS 160A.

F19: EECS 159A Enrollment Issue RESOLVED

CpE, CSE, & EE majors, Should now be able to enroll in EECS 159A. If you're still experiencing enrollment issues, please contact engcasa@uci.edu.

Thank you,
CASA Staff

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